Introduction: 8 AXIS HUMANOID (Leader) ROBOT (Humanoid Robot EP 04) (Angle Reading Robot)

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Step 1: Previous Episode...

In the previous episode, we could remotely control the servo motors even though we didn’t configure anything.

Step 2: In This Episode,

In this episode, we are going to make a leader robot which parts are 3d printed.

The final robot will have two legs, but to use more than eight joints, we need to use some more elements. To understand the overall system, we better make a small project like this eight axis robot.

Step 3: 3D Printing

I made all of the 3d files and uploaded them on Thingiverse.

Download the files and print them one by one.

Step 4: Angle - Number

This shows how they will be connected with Analog pins on the Arduino.

I prefer to assign an even number to the right.

Because If the number is even then I can imagine it is right side servo.

Step 5: Connecting Wire

As I mentioned in the first episode, (

we need to be careful when we connect the cables to the potentiometers.

Please check twice. (Please watch the YouTube video)

Step 6: Assembling Parts

Let’s assemble them together. (please refer to the video)

First of all, we need to eat Pringles so that we can get the bin.

Normally, when you buy potentiometers then nuts are included to fix them with another frame.

In order to fasten them, It is recommended to use an adjustable spanner

Step 7: Checking the Middle Point

This is an important step.

Turn it clockwise and counterclockwise until it no longer rotates. Find the midpoint and insert it into the frame.

Step 8: Connecting Wire With Potentiometer

It is recommended to fix them using a hot melt glue gun.

The potentiometer I am assembling is connected to A0. Connect rest of them

Step 9: Bottom

The bottom of the pringles is made of aluminum.

if the Arduino touches the aluminum surface, it can make a serious problem.

In order to prevent shorts, use a plastic lid to cover on the bottom.

Step 10: Test

I am going to give power to all of them and test.

Since we made them communicate wirelessly, the leader robot can be away from the other robot.

Pretty awesome, I would say.

I am going to build a bunch of robots and make them dance all together at the same time. It would be great!

Step 11: In the Next Episode...

In the next episode, we will make the slave robot that will move based on the leader robot we have built.

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know yours in the comment section below.

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