Introduction: 8 Incredible Eye Makeup Remover Hacks

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Here are 8 easy to make home made hacks for removing your eye makeup! You can find all of these ingredients lying around your house and in your local health food store.

I have tried each of these on myself and they all work just as good as any eye makeup remover I have bought at the drug store. Try them out for yourself and let me know how they work for you!

Step 1: Avocados

I found a lot of recipes for eye makeup remover that called for avocado oil.  I had some avocados lying around the kitchen...thus avocado oil!

For this I just took a q-tip and swabbed the avocado.  You don't need to get a chunk of avocado on the q-tip, just coat it in the oil from the avocado.

Step 2: No-Tears Baby Shampoo

Just add a drop of baby shampoo (I like Johnson's Baby Shampoo!) to a cotton pad or swab to remove eye makeup.

I bought this bottle and it has lasted a couple years! What a great deal if you consider how much money you pay for eye makeup remover!

Step 3: Hair Conditioner

You already have it in your bathroom...

Just a little dab of hair conditioner does the job!

Step 4: Shortening


Its just vegetable oil and it keeps your skin soft. When your makeup remover runs out just run to your kitchen for some makeshift eye makeup remover. I used Crisco brand shortening.

Step 5: Petrolum Jelly

A little bit goes a long way!

Petrolum Jelly is a safe way to remove your water proof makeup. Use just a small amount to remove your eye makeup then go ahead and dab some on your lips!

Step 6: Grapeseed and Castor Oil

3 tbsp. Grape Seed Oil
1 tbsp. Castor Oil

Mix these oils together in a cup and stir. This is a great recipe for those with sensitive skin.

Step 7: Jojoba Oil

1 part Jojoba Oil
2 parts Water

Try this sustainably friendly makeup remover! It is non-allergenic so it is perfect for use on eyes. It can also be used to remove any other makeup.

Step 8: Vegetable Oil Medley

Equal parts olive oil, canola oil, and castor oil (I used a tbsp of each).

These vegetable oils blend together to create the perfect eye makeup remover!

Step 9: Final Test - Which Produces the Best Results?

I tested all of these on my eyes but I wanted to see how they compared.

I put 8 eyeliner marks on my arm (first picture).  And then I dipped a cotton swap in each mixture and lightly rubbed it on the eyeliner ten times.  You can still see the eyeliner for each remover in the second picture because I did not wipe away the the residue after I applied it (which you would normally do with any eye makeup remover).

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