Introduction: 8 Incredible Uses for Mouthwash

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I like taking good care of my teeth, I brush twice a day, floss and use mouthwash in the morning to prevent bad breath.  But what you probably don't know is; it has many other practical, money saving uses.

Step 1: Remove Dandruff

Nobody likes dandruff (if you do, well lol your on your own), and prescription shampoo can be expensive.  Instead, use an alcohol based mouthwash through your hair after you shampoo in the shower.  A few rinses and your flake free baby!

Step 2: Disinfect a Cut

Most Brands of mouthwash have alcohol or chemicals that kill the bad bacteria in your mouth, the same can help your cut (it may sting a little!).  Just put some on a cotton ball or cotton swab and gently wipe the cut.

Step 3: Super Fresh Laundry

This ones for all the mom's of kids who play sports.  Socks and other gear stink?  Add a cup of mouthwash to your next load of laundry, the antiseptic in the mouthwash will kill most germs that cause odor.

Step 4: Plant Fungus

Cure plant fungus by adding 1 part mouthwash to 3 parts water, add your concoction to a spray bottle and lightly spray your plants.

Step 5: Cure Athletes Foot

As a runner my self, I will occasionally get athletes foot.  No problem, just take some mouthwash and swab your foot with a cotton ball.  I still recommend spray, because the mouthwash stings.  It's still a quick fix though if you don't have any.

Step 6: Relive Itchiness and Heal Poison Ivy

Don't let poison ivy ruin your family weekend camp out, grab your toiletry bag and get out that travel size mouthwash.  Lightly dip a cotton ball in mouthwash and rub the infected area to help relive itchiness and to help speed up the process of healing.

Step 7: Heal Bruises

Had an embarrassing fall or injury that left a bruise?
Lets not mess up the big interview tomorrow.  Use your fingers to rub some mouthwash over the bruise.

Step 8: Toilet Cleaner

Oh no!  Your parents are coming into town!  Lets not let them see that ugly ring in your toilet.
Pour about a cup of mouthwash into your toilet, let it sit for an hour and then use a toilet brush to wipe around your toilet and then flush.