Introduction: 8 Simple Steps to Make Spicy Indian Shrimp Dish

Spicy Indian Shrimp is a dish that has been around for many years. This particular recipe is a favorite Malaysian variation of the dish. A mixture of Indian spices, this dish is for those of you who love something spicy. In less than an hour, you can easily make this spicy dish that serves about 4 - 5 people. It is a simple recipe to follow and all you need is basic cooking experience. As long as you follow the instructions carefully, you'll have a new wonderful dish for your next meal.

     This recipe involves the usage of knives, stove and hot oil.

Preparation time : 15 minutes
Cooking time       : 30 minutes 

Ingredients and Utensils


1/2 red onion, sliced
1/2 tablespoon of ginger garlic paste
4 tablespoons of vegetable oil
20 - 25 pieces of shrimp with the shell on, cleaned
salt, to taste
tamarind water, to taste
chili powder, to taste


1 Medium sized frying pan
1 Spatula
3 -4 Medium sized bowls
1 Knife
1 Chopping board
1 Spoon

      1. The shrimp should be marinated earlier in ginger garlic paste to remove the scent.
          The shrimp does not need to be marinated for long.
          You can marinate the shrimp for as long as 10 to 30 minutes.

      2. To make tamarind water, place a few seeds of tamarind in a bowl.
           Fill the bowl with 3 - 4 tablespoons of water. 
          Mash the tamarind seeds in the water to make a watery paste. 

Step 1: Heat Up the Frying Pan

1.     Turn the heat on slightly to heat up the frying pan before you start cooking. 
              Make sure the heat is low so that the frying pan gradually warms up. 

Step 2: Pour Some Oil in the Frying Pan

1.     Add about 4 tablespoons of oil into a moderately heated frying pan.


The heat has to be maintained at a lower setting so that the oil does not sizzle
           and splash on you.
           Hot oil will cause your skin to burn. 

2.     Make sure the heat remains at low to heat up the oil gradually. 

Step 3: Fry the Sliced Red Onions

1.      Add the sliced red onions to the oil carefully once the oil is heated up.

 Do not throw in the onions into the oil as the oil will start to sizzle and may splash on you.
         Also keep the heat at a low setting when you first add the oil so that it does not sizzle too much.
         Hot oil can burn your skin. 

2.      Increase the heat slightly to cook the onions.
            You must fry the onions until they are well cooked and fragrant. 
            The onions are well cooked when they are limp and look like they are lightly browned.

Step 4: Add Chili Powder to Taste

1.     Reduce the heat.
             Reduce the heat before adding the chili powder to avoid burning the powder. 

2.     Add chili powder to the pan once the onions are well cooked.
           The amount of chili powder added is up to you.
           The more chili powder added, the spicier the dish becomes.
           Adding only a little amount of the powder gives the dish a light kick. 

3.     Sauté the onions in chili powder.

4.     Increase the heat after the onions are covered with the powder.

5.     Cook the onions thoroughly. 

Step 5: Add Shrimp to the Pan

1.     Add the shrimp into the pan after the chili powder is cooked with the onions.

2.     Stir the shrimp with the onions to ensure the flavor is distributed evenly. 
           You can add water into the frying pan if you feel the dish is too dry.
           Adding 5 - 6 tablespoons of water will help cook the shrimp faster and more even. 

Step 6: Add Tamarind Water to the Pan

1.     Keep the fire at moderate heat.

2.     Add tamarind water to the pan once the shrimp is cooked.
             Do not let any of the seeds fall into the pan. You only need the water.

             Add tamarind water according to your taste.
             You can start by adding a tablespoon and stir the dish.
             Then taste it and check if the sourness suits you. Add more if you need to. 

3.     Stir continuously to distribute the flavor evenly.

Step 7: Add Salt to the Pan

1.     Add salt to taste after adding tamarind water and allowing the dish to cook for awhile.
              Add a pinch of salt first. Stir the dish and try it.
              If the amount of salt is not enough, add a bit more.
              If you are not used to cooking, it would be advisable to add salt gradually. 

2.     Stir the dish continuously.
               If you feel the dish is too dry, add some water into the pan
               and allow the shrimp to cook.
              The amount of water added also depends on how much gravy you want to have.

            At this stage, the dish is almost done.
            If the shrimp turned out to be too spicy, you can add some sugar.
            If you are making a dry dish, add some water to the sugar before pouring it into the pan. 
            If you are making a dish with more gravy, add the sugar to the pan and stir the dish. 
            The sugar will give the dish an added flavor, which is another variation of the dish. 

Step 8: Ready to Serve

1.     Scoop the dish out of the frying pan.

2.     Place the dish carefully into a serving bowl of your choice.
              Remember to turn off the stove.
              You should also be careful when you are serving the dish as it is hot.

The Spicy Indian Shrimp dish is usually served with warm rice and vegetables.
As the dish is quite spicy, the vegetable dishes served are chosen for their cooling effects. 

Congratulations! The Spicy Indian Shrimp dish is now ready to serve.This dish is best eaten hot to savor the spices in it. Once you have cooked this simple dish, you are ready to try something more complex. For now, enjoy your meal!