Introduction: 8 Times Tables With the Quick Brown Fox and the Musical Adventurists

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An easy and fun way to learn your eight times table.
Join us and sing along!


I'm clever nice kind
I don't need to be a footballer
I have brains a great mind
It's clear one way or another
And oh my gosh
you wanna see me?
I'll tell you
this for free
8 times table - easy !

So it starts off really normal
We start steady with 8, 16
Argh, I'm sounding really formal,
Don't be dumb yeah you know what I mean!

What's next on the score
8 times 3 -
what a bore
say it proud 24!

I can times better than you!
You can't get past me
8x4 is 32,
ah yeah
after that it's 40

I got a lot longer to go mate
it's how I get my kicks
Listen up 8 6's are 48
what's next? 56

Boys, TV, x box are a real bore
But when I times 8 and 8 I make 64
Maths numbers and well you know who
Are as sweet and fierce as 72

After that is trendy 80,
ah yeah everyone knows that
Then it's 8 and his matey
88 you prat

I did that quicker than I thought - impressive
So I deserve some clicks
At last it's 8 times 12 yeah
-and it's 96

I'm clever nice kind
I don't need to be a footballer

Music by: Taylor Swift, Max Martin and Shelback
Lyrics by: The Musical Adventurists
Production: The Quick Brown Fox TV London 2016

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