Introduction: 8 Wave Stacked Basket

I wanted to make a basket and thought that Christmas would be a good time.

Step 1: Make Your Pattern

I used scrollmania to make my pattern. There are good tools there for different bowl patterns as well as an angle finder to help cut smoother bowls. I am using pine 3/4" thick for this projest

Step 2: Cut Out Rings and Sand

With the printed pattern taped down, I cut out the pattern with my scroll saw at a 3° tilt. In the final build, I didn't use the round center piece, it would have made the base too small. I also cut a piece from 1/8" plywood for the bottom After your rings are cut, just give a light sanding. I also drilled 2 holes in the top ring for the rope handle to go through

Step 3: The Glue Up

I don't have a bowl press, so I use 2 clamps and scraps. I offset each ring by half a wave and glued 1 ring on at a time to avoid anything from slipping. Glue and trim the plywood bottom

Step 4: The Rope Handle

Since I am making this basket food safe, I braided a nylon rope and tacked it to a round form. I then put 2 coats of butcher block finish on the rope allowing it to dry between coats.

Step 5: Finishing

I stained and coated the basket with butcher block finish and tied the handle through the holes. The handle does stand up well like this but if you want a stiffer or more shaped handle, maybe braid the rope around wire.

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