8 Advices to Be Positive in Life.




Introduction: 8 Advices to Be Positive in Life.

Hi Everybody ! What's up ? It seems that time are becoming hard (did someone talk about a crisis ?) and it is not easy to be positive when everything seems to go bad, is it ?
This is why I suggest my own advices to be positive despite the crisis, the global anger and the daily tcares which trouble our lives.
Being positive is not naive : it is a way to give some happiness to have a good day. Be positive is seeing the blue sky behind gray clouds. Be positive is easy and it doesn't cost anything.

Step 1: 1. Put Things Into Perspective.

When something wrong happens in our daily life, it can be depressing and hard to overcome. But think that it could be worse : everything is relative ! Everything is not in black-and-white terms, life is like the Yin and The Yang, depending on the context !
Each little daily trouble is relative and unimportant, you just have to forge ahead and move on.

Step 2: 2. Don't Grumble About Everything and Anything

Yes, yes, yes : sometimes grumbling and complaining makes us feel better. But other times it can make us become very pessimistic : if you grumble, you are not happy, if you are not happy, you are not positive !

Step 3: 3. Don't Get Preoccupied by Stupid People.

They are everywhere and surround us, and we can't do anything against them. It's useless to try to fight this : it's tiring and disappointing. Sometimes it's difficult but the best solution is to ignore them. And by doing this, tell you that you are better than them.

Step 4: 4. Don't Neglect Yourself.

Don't be ashamed of yourself : you have to be okay with you, your body, and the decisions you make.
A lot of people have complexes and this is normal but taking time for yourself is important too. Respecting yourself and your commitments or being true to your own style is a way to appreciate yourself. Still too difficult ? You must start to watch the mirror, and smile to your reflexion watching in your own eyes. It's a good beginning to take care of yourself.

Step 5: 5. Reserve Some Time for Yourself in the Day.

Nowadays, our times is over-scheduled day after day, hour by hour, minute by minute. But I think we have to reserve some free time in the day, to have our own little pleasures (read a book, practice some sport or music...) and let the unforeseen arrive. Who knows what good things could happen ?

Step 6: 6. Have Someone to Talk With.

It can be a friend or more, a simple acquaintance, a diary, a blog, or a pet. Talking makes us feel good, because it allows us to externalize our bad feelings. Some people don't need to be surrounded by a lot of friends and they enjoy solitude : it is their choice, but it doesn't mean they don't need someone (or something) to help them to express themselves and to get things off their chest.

Step 7: 7. Do Some Good Deeds.

Help an old woman to cross the street, offer presents, cook for your family... There are many occasions to do a good deed in the day. Solidarity is important and, after a good deed, you can't help being proud of yourself : it's a good and positive feeling, and it's free.

Step 8: 8. Laugh.

An other important free thing : the laugh. Yes, it seems to be simple, but think about this : isn't it nice to see smiles on people's faces instead of people who look sad or angry ? Furthermore, Science proves that laughing at least 15 min a day makes you lose calories ! Laughing is the remedy for daily depressions, it's personal and communal at the same time, laughing is life.

In the event of blues, I suggest watching funny movies or listenning to swinging songs.
My special list to smile again :

Movies :
Singing in the rain
The Blues Brothers

Songs :
Starlight (Muse)
Hakuna Matata (The Lion King, Disney)
Songs for the Blues Brother's movie
Boulevard of broken dreams (Green Day)
and : Queen, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry...

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Yay! Have a pretty day, today has the potential to be amazing, so don't let the chance fr amazingness to slip past bc you were to busy focusing on the bad things.. This too shall pass~ but nt if you cling to it~!!