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Hello everyone, I'm Ashley and in this Instructable I'm sharing how to make an 8-bit end grain pixel Goomba from the original Super Mario Bros. video game. This is a scrap wood project I made using remains from my Tardis end grain cutting board. I held onto the leftovers from that project for over a year. I could not bring myself to toss them out.

End grain Goomba is my second 8-bit Goomba project. I’ve previously made a large pixel Goomba from 1/2″ plywood. CLICK HERE to read the tutorial on my original Goomba project.

Let's get started with the project!

The following are some of the tools and supplies I gathered to build Goomba (affiliate links):

Watch the how to make video below or continue reading for the written tutorial.

Step 1: Cut 3/4" X 3/4" X 1/8" Squares

Cut the scrap walnut, maple and cherry into 1/8″ thick squares. I made these cuts on the bandsaw.

However, if I was not working with scrap wood I would have made most of my cut on the table saw.

For 8-bit Goomba you'll need:

  • 52 walnut squares
  • 42 maple squares
  • 96 cherry squares

Step 2: Glue the Wooden Squares to the Plywood Backer

Use wood glue to secure the wooden squares to a piece of 1/4″ plywood. I used my previous Goomba project as a pixel grid guide.

My go-to website for retro video game sprites is Spriter Resource.

I cut a few corners here and it shows in later steps. My alignment was not perfect and this results in a few visible gaps. No big deal if you look at the art from a distance but it is something I can't ignore when I look at it up close.

Step 3: Cut Out Goomba's Shape

Use a jigsaw or a bandsaw to cut out Goomba's shape.

Step 4: Sand Goomba

Sand Goomba. I used my drum sander to make quick work of the task and followed up with my orbital sander for the finish sanding.

Step 5: Apply a Finish

Finally my favorite step of the whole process! I used a beeswax and mineral oil mixture to finish Goomba. I installed a couple magnets on the backside to hang it on my garage door.

I love the way the wood color pops when oil is added.

Step 6: Hang on a Wall and Enjoy!

Despite a few flaws, I'm pretty happy with how Goomba turned out. From a distance it's hard to notice the mistakes (alignment issues).

Thanks for checking out my project! I hope it inspires you to create some 8-bit decor!

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