Introduction: 8-bit Monster Diorama

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In this insructable I will be teaching you how to make an 8-bit monster diorama. You can use the basic techniques learned in this insructable to either design your own or build a pre made template made for this instructable.

I made the video as a small test.

Step 1: Design or Print?

What you will need:

Thick paper such as cardstock

Some kind of glue (I used hot glue!)

Razor pen or scissors


If your designing your own you will need Microsoft Paint

If you want to use my design go to my flickr and print out all of the designs
Get them here

And lots of patience...........

Step 2: Design

If you designing you own template you will need Microsoft paint. Its easy to use and can be done relatively fast and fun. To start you need to change you paint brush one size up. Once its the right size your ready to go, there's no real math to this just draw out what to make.

Step 3: Cut It Out!

When your cutting make sure to only cut one angle at a time. Cut first the horizontal then cut vertically.
this takes patience but believe me, the more effort you put into this the better this will look. A razor pen works best for this but you can also use scissors.

Step 4: Assembly

When assembling remember that everything is flat so try to arrange it so that everything can be seen well from the front. Other than that everything else is up to you. If your wrist starts to hurt, go drink something caffeinated, try to take a nap, watch a really old movie

Step 5: Building the Frame

When building the frame make sure to leave a little extra room on the bottom of the wall to leave room to attach the wall to the floor. Also it wouldn't hurt to add a cardboard backing with a stand.

Step 6: Attaching All the Parts.....

You can arrange them how ever you want, I chose to arrange them like this....

Step 7: DONE!!!

And there you go, an awesome 8-bit monster diorama! Feel free to mix and match and try new things! I've even used mine to do stop motion animation..... The possibilities are ENDLESS!!!

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