Introduction: 8-sided Origami Ninja Star

Hello, this is my first instuctable, so bare with me! Today I decided I wanted to teach everyone how to make something to do with Origami, because I love Origami! I decided on the 8-sided Ninja Star because it is one of my favorites, and I think it looks pretty cool. So, let's start!

Step 1: Gather the Necessary Materials.

To start off with, you will need a flat surface to work on, because it makes folding the paper a lot easier. After finding a suitable surface, collect the following items (only the paper is necessary):

- 2 pieces of paper (it doesn't matter if it is lined, construction or printer paper or if it has writing on it, but i find that construction paper is the best.)

- Pen, pencil, or anything to draw with if you want to put designs on your ninja star.

- Scissors (if you do not prefer to tear the paper)

Once you have your surface, paper, and something to draw with, you are ready to start making the ninja star!

Step 2: Dividing the Paper

For this step, we will need to divide each of the pieces of paper to make a total of eight symmetrical squares. In order for this to work out, they HAVE to be the same size, and they HAVE to be squares, not rectangles. to start with, I find it easier to do, by starting with folding the papers in half hamburger style.

Once you have both pieces folded into four equal portions, as shown in the first video, we are ready to start cutting, or in my case tearing.

Step 3: Cutting and Making the Segments Into Squares.

For this step, I decided to combine the cutting step with the making squares step because they are one in the same, so there will be two videos this time. After you have both papers divided into 4 equal segments, we are ready to start cutting. There are two ways to cut the paper. One way is to use scissors, which I feel makes it harder to get a straight cut out of the paper. The second way is the way I use, which is to tear the paper along the folds.

Once you have the pieces all cut out, we can start making the segments into squares (if you are using lined paper, it does not matter if the binder ring hole is in the square)! To start with the first square, I will explain and demonstrate using only one segment, then just repeat the steps for all the other segments. So, to start off with, choose one corner of your segment (it doesn't matter which corner, I usually choose the one with both factory edges.), and fold it diagonally across the segment and line up the edges. Once you get this straight edge diagonally across the paper, we need to cut off the remaining segment that is not part of the fold. To do this, simply fold the left over paper, up and over your bottom edge, and crease it there. Now, cut along the crease, and repeat for all 8 segments. This part is a little confusing too, so make sure to watch this video to make sure you get it right!

Step 4: Folding the Squares Into Each Side of the Ninja Star

Now it is time for us to take all the squares we just made, and fold them into the pieces that make the sides of the ninja star. I won't type the steps because all it will do is confuse you even more. So, here are a couple short videos explaining each step taken to create the sides.

After following the steps taken in the videos, you will now connect all your pieces together. You will start by taking two of the pieces and posistioning them in the same posistion. Make sure both have the ends with the flaps facing upwards. Now twist one piece so that the flat edge can slide in between the flat ends on the other piece. Now fold over the over hang on the outside piece facing in to the flaps on the second piece. Repeat with all the pieces until you form an octagon. Now you can slide your ninja star in and out, creating your eight-sided ninja star.