$4 Date Night Cherry Tomato Fried Bare Ribs

Introduction: $4 Date Night Cherry Tomato Fried Bare Ribs

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This recipe is 100% from me, to you. If somebody is trying to break up with you, it'll make it harder. If you are trying to work out a relationship, it'll make it easier. If you are said not a good cook, it'll turn you around. If you are on a budget (total cost around $4), it'll keep you within it . All else, it's a delicious, bone licking, plate licking, and memorable dinner dish.

All it takes are:

1 shopping trip (you can find all the ingredients in one grocery store such as Sam's club, Wal-mart, Woodman...)

1 non stick deep pot

2 main ingredients: cherry tomato and fully cooked smoked pork ribs (I buy mine from Sam's club)

3 seasonings: (salt, optional)vegetable oil, black pepper, oregano

1 garnish and flavoring: cilantro

Here is the breakdown of the cost: one jumbo box of cherry tomato costs about $6 at Sam's club, it uses half from the box, that's $3. One whole smoked shrink wrapped ribs costs $12, it uses only the bare bones (I trim off the meat for lunch sandwiches, burgers, wraps for my family who goes to work and school, or use the meat for other stir fry dishes, leave just a bit of meat on the bone), I price it with everything else in this recipe $1. Total is around $4. But it tastes like a $20-$30 dish in a restaurant.

All you do is a little bit of Chinese stir frying: add 1 tbsp. vegetable oil to your pot, heat on medium to high heat to very hot, drop in the bones, shake the pot in a lift, throw and catch motion, cut a handful of cherry tomatoes in half and drop them in just before the bones about to burn, keep shaking the pot in a lift, throw and catch motion, cutting remaining tomatoes in halves and adding it to the pot until all is in. If you are more comfortable with a spatula, feel free to use it to stir. I just do a lot stir frying without stirring with a spatula. Season with a few rounds of black pepper grinds, shake the pot, then season with a pinch of crushed dried oregano. By then all tomatoes should have become liquid. Turn off the heat, throw in chopped cilantro. Dump the whole messy delicacy in a big plate. Enjoy it hot with buns, bread, or rice, or soft shell, just remember to reserve some to "lick" the plate for you. Have a toast with your date if wine is your thing. For me wine is to smell, not to drink. It just doesn't taste good and make my legs lose their ears.

It's simple I don't think you need any visuals. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave comments or private message. If you liked it, please vote for the Valentine Date Night Dinner Contest and On a Budget Contest if it would be accepted. Thanks.

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