Introduction: 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors Key Card Props

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If you don't already know what 9 Hours, 9 Persons , 9 Doors is, you probably won't be interested in this.  Unless of course, it piques your interest and you go buy the DS game and play it until you get all six endings.  In which case, good for you.  Welcome to our world.

Assuming you've played the game, you'll recall that there are several key cards you find throughout the game which progress the storyline.  There are no spoilers here; you get the key cards regardless.  If you're thinking about cosplaying someone from 999, these key cards might be a fun little addition to your outfit and/or group.  Also, they're easy to make.

Step 1: What You Need


-Old plastic card, like an empty gift card or hotel key card.  You probably don't want to use a credit card, but it would be cool if you could get away with it.
-Electrical or other black tape
-Colored duct tape
-Black Sharpie
-Silver Sharpie
-Ruler/tape measure

Step 2: Preparing the Card

This is an optional step.  I found that with lighter-colored duct tape, you can see the design on the card beneath.  If that's the case, put a few strips of electrical tape over it to block it out.

Step 3: Laying Down the Color

Now take a strip of your colored duct tape and place it over the card.  It won't cover the whole card, so line it up with the top. Don't worry if any of it hangs over; we're going to trim it later anyway.

Color guide
Purple - Saturn
Blue - Mercury
Green - Uranus
Red - part of one of the puzzles (but I won't say which)
Yellow - one you find towards the very end of the game that I won't give out any more details on.

Step 4: Adding the Black Bottom Half

Here's where the rest of the black tape and the ruler come in.  Your standard card is 54mm tall.  Therefore, you will want to measure 27mm from the top or bottom to find the middle.  Make a mark there, then cover the bottom half with electrical tape.

Step 5: Trimming

Flip the card over and use your scissors (or hobby knife) to trim the excess tape from the ends of the card.

Step 6: Drawing on the Symbol

Using the silver Sharpie for the black half and the black Sharpie for the top half, draw on the symbol appropriate for the color you've used.  Below are examples. (Or is it above?)  I didn't include the yellow card because if you haven't gotten it yet, go finish the game.  The red card is blank.

Now with your card in hand, you can SEEK A WAY OUT!