Introduction: 9 Volt Rechargeable Mini MagicMarilia Led Flash-light (awesome Blinding 600 Lumens Power in Your Palm)

I embarked upon this project due to need, but it turned out well due to results. I hope you will enjoy it, as much as I did and get great power in your palm of your hand and best thing is you can recharge it. And keep the power for long long time.

Below I've outlined everything you might need.

Below are the 6 parts you need to buy : Estimated total cost:  $ 30 - $ 35 for project

1) Rechargeable 9v battery ($ 11 @ amazon)
2) Micro Push On/off Switch ( $ 2 at local hardware store )
3) 9V Battery Clip ($ 4 @ amazon) ( $ 4 @ amazon)
4) 10W Warm White High Power 800-900LM LED light Lamp Chip DC 9-12V  ( 700-800) lumens $ 2
5)  1  Ohms Resistor $ 2
6) Super Glue ( $1 @ dollar shop)
7) Micro Wiring

Additional requirement
1) 9V Smart Battery Charger ( $ 9 @ amazon)

To Construct : Yes, you actually have to build with stuff. 
Hardware you need:
*Soldering Iron (Fine tip is needed)
*Wire Cutters/Strippers


A: Super Bright, blinding Effect 
B: Highly Cost effective
C: Rechargeable
D: Rugged and strong solid construction, Unbreakable (almost)
E: Waterproof
F: Weight 115 grams
G: Very small unit, easily fits in pockets, easy to carry
H: A perfect item for hiking and other outdoor sports,

A: In case you run out of charge or lose it, so its good idea to make two 9v batteries.
B: My use is not more than 5-10 minutes in one go.
C: Please do not point directly into eyes

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