Introduction: 9 Volt Battery Clip!

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This is a simple progect and very easy to make.
It is not useful in and of itself, but if you make several electronics projects a month like I do, you'll appreciate not having to buy another clip for your latest project. 

Note : this is my first instructable so constructive criticism is welcome.

Step 1: Dissect the Battery

Start with a dead 9v battery. (you probably have one of these somewhere, right?)

 First use a small standard screwdriver to pry up the edges of the metal casing, and slide the batteries out. Depending on the brand, they may be packaged together like the picture, If this is the case, slice the plastic open with a hobby knife. If you use a new battery, you now have six AAAA batteries.

Step 2:

Almost done! Remove the top of the battery. This is the piece we want. solder a couple of wires on to the back and you have a 9v battery clip.
(I'm guessing you know how to solder but if you don't you may want to look at noahw's exceptional  instructable .

This is a very short, very easy instructable, but it is quick way to save $0.25 and the 3 days of shipping.  

Have fun!