Introduction: 99 Cent Nerf Gun Cabinet

About: I like building knex guns and modding nerf guns. I play Call of Duty and Minecraft. I also own a minecraft server.

Need a cool looking place to put your nerf guns. Make this cheap but cool, tactical looking cabinet. You can paint it, modify it or whatever. I spent no money as I had the materials lying around. Main ingredient: cardboard.

Sorry that it is crappy. I will add photos on the computer later. I'm using the app to create this.

Step 1: Acquire a Large Box

Use a large box like a refrigerator box or patio sofa box. It looks best if it is taller than it is long.

Step 2: Cut the Box

Cut the top and bottom flaps off of the box, leaving two tall doors on the front. Leave these for now. For all I care, you can be done.

Step 3: Fun Part 1-shelf

Add a shelf. You can make a bracket out of Knex like I did. Clip a piece on the back, shove it through the cardboard, and secure it with another piece. Do the same about 1/8 inch above. Repeat on the other side. Shove a piece of your flap in between the top and bottom sets of Knex.

Step 4: 2-Handgun Posts

Make small posts for a Maverick or Strongarm. Take a yellow rod of Knex and clip a white connector on the back. Shove it through the back of the box to the interior. Clip another white piece on and slide it against the box, making it taut. Add a gun and an orange connector. To remove gun, remove orange piece and simply slide gun off. Hang Mavericks and Strongarms by the hole on the slide, and reflexes, jolts, and triads by their trigger holes.

Step 5: 3-Door Handles

Make handles using Knex. Take a yellow rid, affix two red connectors to the ends, white rods on the other ends. Clip any connector on the back after placing them on your doors. Long grey connector with something on both ends makes a great bolt to hold the doors shut.

Step 6: Uses

Place primary weapons on the floor standing against the back of the safe. Secondaries, mainly handguns, go on the pegs. The shelf can hold a surprising 5 pounds when I tested it. That's like putting a rapidstrike on it. However, I recommend putting ammo and small objects on it or it will fall out as nothing is stopping it from sliding forward. Paint it to your liking and be sure to tell me about design flaws and how yours came out, if you made one.