Introduction: 9F Juster Teng / Traffic Light


The idea of this project is come from my little brother. It also can help some people around you, and those people must be like my brother. One day, our family are travel, when we are going to pass the zebro crossing, my brother was always run the rad light. That is very danger!! Therefore, I decide to make a traffic light to help my brorther, and let him know how to cross the traffic light correctly!

material :

- 3 LED

- 7 wire

- 3 resistance

- one Arduino and one Arduino board

The link of video:


Step 1: Green Light

When the box start shining grenn line, that means you can cross the zebra crossing.

Step 2: Red Light

When the Red light start shining, thta means you need to stop and can't cross the zebra crossing.

Step 3: Blue Light

When the blue light start shining, that means people and car can pass together, but the car need to be careful of people, so the speed of car need to get slow down.