Introduction: 9V Battery Cover

[Editors note; THIS PROJECT IS A (partial) FAIL WHALE... It seems vertical movement, just pulls a 3d print apart, I 'fixed' my issue with a drop of silicon to hold the holder in place.... ]

Every buy a 24 pack of Batteries from Costco? - its great until you OPEN the pack, and then you have batteries everywhere, I bought 9V batteries, and unlike their counterparts, they do NOT play well together!

I thought this would be a no brainier and turned to my favorites eBay and amazon to purchase some plastic 9v battery covers, NONE... I searched the internet $2.00 EACH plus $10 SHIPPING???? (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot)

So I decided it was time to wade into the water of 3D printing and Tinkercad.

Step 1: Newbie. . .

Being new to this universe, I did some research on HOW to make a 3d object and found Thingverse, and found THIS GREAT 9V Battery cover - Thingverse - and based my design on that (why re-invent the wheel?)

Step 2: First Attempt

They printed pretty easily, but I noticed that the Left hole would hold the piece in place and would rip apart when i take the cover off, so I am making another attempt with the left side 1/2 the size so it holds in place, but is not sticking in as deep (since 3d material is not strong on the vertical dimension.

Step 3: Second Attempt

SO I open comments, to anyone's help with this, I used PLA, and that did not work, what kind of filament is stronger for vertical pulling?

Step 4: Concept

OK, I did some thinking about this, and realized a few things, the 3D printing made the small part hollow, and so only a small ring was actually grabbing on for support, I popped them off (pretty easy) and used crazy glue to make a 'post' (like a dentist does when they give you an implant, they sink a metal post into the bone, and put the tooth on that post) I used Crazy Glue as my 'Post' filling the hollow with crazy glue (gel) (loctite) and then placing the small circle back on the 3d printed base, AND THAT WORKED! - a bit kludgy but still a working product!

Step 5: Detailed Fix

This is what the underside of the 3d printed part looked like, I put crazy glue in the hollow.