Introduction: 9V Battery Clip From Dead Batteries

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Stop throwing away your dead 9V batteries! Make battery clip from them and save the world and your money.

This is a chap and easy project to make a battery clip to power up your electronic projects on a breadboard or permanent on a PCB.

There is also lots of other cool project on the internet to make other things out of dead 9V batteries.

Step 1: Parts & Tools

There is only two parts you need to make your own 9V battery clip. Here is a list of parts and tools I used to make mine.


  • Black and read wire (that can be used on breadboards and fit through a PCB hole).
  • Dead 9V battery.


  • Multimeter.
  • Normal Plier and a cutting plier
  • soldering iron and tind.

Step 2: Opening the Battery

Use the tip of your plier to rip the bottom of the battery away. You don't have to rip all the metal away, just the bottom thats holding the batteries inside, if you start from the top than you might destroy the actual clip that you are going to use.

Slide the interior out and use a cutting plier to disconnect the batteries from the clip.

Manny 9V batteries are different from the one in the photo. Some have long some short batteries inside, but what they all have in common is that they have 6 batteries inside and everyone has around 1,5V.

Step 3: Soldering

Now that you have your clip ready than de isolate the two wires about 0,5cm at the ends.

Heat up your soldering iron and solder the red wire to the biggest connector (+), than solder the black wire to the smallest connector (-).

Remember that its opposite from the clip that you connect to the battery than what its on the battery, on the battery the biggest connector is negative (-) and on the clip the smallest one is negative (-).

Step 4: Finish

Now you don't have to wait 30 days for your 9V battery clip to arrive in the mail or walk to the store to pick one up.

If your 9V battery had a plastic bottom plate than you can take that and glue it on top of the clip, mine had an aluminum plate so it would be bad if did that.

If you have any questions or tips than leave them in the comments, and thanks for viewing!

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