Introduction: 9V Beautiful Small Lamp

About: My name is marjancho and I love electronics,makeing gadgets,hack and pranks.
this is smalest beautiful lamp that I have buildet,and It takes simple parts to build it

Step 1: Part List

Part list is:
1.Dead 9 volts batery
2.led diode
3.resistor 100 ohms

Step 2: Conect the Parts

1.First you need to empty the dead batery,and make holes.then painted in any color,put in the led inside and fill with glue.
2.conect the resistor with the led diode,and conect to the top part of the batery just like on the picture

Step 3: Fill With Glue

Fill with glue the bateru box,and dont forget to put the led diode to bottom of the batery box

Step 4: Finish

This is yours smallest 9 volts lamp,ENJOY

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