Introduction: 9v USB Charger

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very easy USB 9 volt charger

Step 1: Parts List

L78M05CV  5V 500 Ma voltage regulator
9 volt battery snap
USB connector (female) ,or phone charger plug
of course soldering iron and some solder.
optional - extra wire ,heat shrink ,recharge able 9v battery ,multimeter (for checking if all are working correctly.)
I bought 9v 250 Mah battery for 6$. I think if you build this you'll need recharge able battery. For wire i just use wire from 9v battery snap.

Step 2: SOOO Easy!

this step will show you how to connect parts correctly.
on usb that 2 middle pins you can just snap off.
voltage regulator's numbers side up.

Step 3: Finally You Can Now Charge Portably.

that device can charge anything what charges with 5 volts,only what you need to do is change usb to nokia , or any other  5 volt charing device plug. thank you for viewing this instructable !!! :)

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