A 3D Card(pop-up)

Introduction: A 3D Card(pop-up)

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This would have been a 3D success!

You will need:

A HB pencil

Some scissors

1 sheet of paper

Step 1: Cut the Edges Out.

Use your scissors to cut out the edges. Don't rip using your hands, you'll ruin it. Once you're done, you can go onto the next step.

Step 2: Fold the Sheet

Fold the sheet in half. Don't fold it all over again or you'll ruin the creation.

That means:

You won't decorate.

You won't use pens for coloring in.

Step 3: Cut the 2 Sides

Only cut the two sides of the rectangle. Don't cut all or you'll start again and again and again. You still can't decorate until you finished it.

Step 4: Unfold

Unfold then, Acradabra! It is now 3D! You can use decorations(optional) to personalise your 3D card. I didn't use decorations for my own.

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