Introduction: A 3d-printed Toy That Connects Straws Together

I hope this tutorial helps you create a straw connector of your own.

Step 1: Make the 3d File on Tinkercad

1. Measure your straws (since this design uses the inside of the straw we only measured that).

a. Using callipers are the most precise tool for measuring in this scale.

2. Using those dimensions make a cylinder.

3. Copy paste them to make a star shape.

3.Place half oval shapes to taper it to the end so that the straw can fit easier on the shapes.

4. Using the original dimensions make a cylinder that is a hole and place it in the middle of the star shape.

a. This will be used if you want to fit a straw through the middle.

Step 2: Export From Tinkercad

1. Once you are done click the export button and you will be taken to this menu.

2. Once you are here select the settings as in the image.

a. If you didn't select your 3d object then the first two opinions will be switch but that doesn't matter

3. Click on the STL. file and it will begin to download

a. STL. files are usually used for 3d printing

Step 3: Edit and Check File in Prusa Software

1. Since I am using a Prusa printer I will be using the Prusa post-processing software.

a. If you have a different type of 3d printer then download and install their custom software.

I. The next steps should be similar in most 3d printing software.

2.To insert the file either drag it in or manually open it through the software.

3. Next step press 'Generate' to make turn your STL. into a file that is specific for your 3d printer.

4.After that, your file is ready for exporting so press 'G-Code' and it will ask you to name your file and then export it.

Step 4: End Result

Sadly I can't get it to print properly on both sides. This error could be a 3d file error or a 3d printer error but I don't know.