Introduction: A-600 "Low Ridah" Chopper

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I used all my inspiration sources (American Chopper, Biker-Build Off, etc.), and came up with this:
The A-600!
It's the V2 of the A-400, a sports bike I made a while ago.
Used a lot of bendies for the design, but it's still pretty solid.
I don't really have anything else to notify you of, so here's the ups and downs.

- Low piece use.
- Suspension at the back.
- Nice and chromy... hmmmmm... chrome...
- Instant chick magent :3.

Rare part use.

Step 1: Rear Wheel Mount + Wheel

Just what it is..
Pretty easy..

Step 2: Rear Fender + Seat Support

Again, just what it is..

Step 3: Seat

You probably shouldn't sit on it, but a K'nex puppet could..

Step 4: Steering Colom

Again.. again, just what it is..

Step 5: Steer

The steering bars.. nothing else..

Step 6: Front Wheel + Bars

The front of the bike, very hard.. even i had trouble with it, and i'm the creator!

Step 7: The Backbone

Something i lack sometimes..

Step 8: Engine Mount

Again.. again.. AGAIN, just what it is.

Step 9: Assembly

Pic 01: Backbone + Engine Mount.
Pic 02: Attach.
Pic 03: Seat Support & Fender + Engine Mount.
Pic 04: Attach.
Pic 05: Seat + Seat Support & Fender + Backbone.
Pic 06: Attach.
Pic 07: Steering Colom + Front Wheel & Bars.
Pic 08: Attach.
Pic 09: Steer + Front Wheels & Bars.
Pic 10: Attach.
Pic 11: Steering Colom + Backbone.
Pic 12: Attach.
Pic 13: Rear Wheel Mount + Engine Mount.
Pic 14: Atach.

Step 10: You're Done!!!

Well.. well.. well..
Are ya happy with your new chopper!?
I sure hope so, have frikkin' much fun!