Introduction: A Amazing Kitchen Hack │ Upgrading a Vegetable Chopper Manual to Automatic

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Hello friends once again

This time I bring something which you all go through in day to day life.

yes a manual vegetable chopper.

your or you mom those who use chopper got very frustrated by operating it manually

so what i did, joint a high torque gear DC motor with the shaft of the machine and let motor to do rest of work

just power up the motor thats it you got chopped all of your vegetable instantly

Step 1: Have a Look on Video / Chopper in Action

Friends please have some look on video to visualize how this upgrade chopper work

Step 2: Material Needed

  1. A vegetable chopper
  2. A DC motor with gear arrangement (BO L shape Motor)
  3. A on/off switch
  4. A acrylic sheet
  5. A 5V DC power source (some old mobile charger)
  6. Some double side tape to stick components

you can use as per your convenient don't necessary that you required exactly same items, you may add some more creative and fun element in this, if you did please share with me like to see such things

Step 3: How to Upgrade Chopper

  1. Bring a chopper and place it on flat surface
  2. connect the chopper shaft with the shaft of motor by using a small metal tube
  3. fix the motor on the acrylic sheet so that shaft of chopper & shaft of motor became align
  4. bring a 5V DC mobile charger to power up motor
  5. connect a switch in between to make ON/OFF the machine
  6. now switch on the power source and machine switch
  7. now motor will start rotate the chopper shaft
  8. put some vegetable to chop, but keep quantity less otherwise chopper will stop due to extra load
  9. you can replace small DC motor with high power motor like 12V DC motor for better performance

Thanks for your attention friend

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