I will show you how to modify your xbox controller to help you WIN!
Warning : this post is for true pro gamers.

rounded thumb sticks for better feel and grip
bump stops for less trigger action
textured body for better grip
blacked out buttons just because your a freaking pro!

This same type of controller will cost you around $200 pre-assembled from http://scufgaming.com/ its not my website so use at your own risk. And do this project at your own risk it may void some warranties with the controller...

This is my website www.FirstSergeant.com :)
Happy modding.

Step 1: Supplies

Standard Xbox 360 controller - hopefully you have one
play station 2 controller - about 10$ for a new one at game stop
tools / hardware - $3 
paint - about $5 a can depending on your preference 

Step 2: Determine Trigger Fault-line

Turn your game on and squeeze the trigger, when your weapon fires/aims draw a line there. This will be the line you set your bump stops at. don't accidentally pass the line or your triggers will not activate!    

Step 3: Disassemble the Xbox Controller

You will need a T-8 security torx screwdriver, or use a precision flat tip to break the small security post in the middle of the screw head. Remove all screws from the back including the one under the sticker. Open the controller with it facing down so the buttons dont fall out and go everywhere. Remove the small rumble motors and set off to the side. Lift the motherboard out and remove the thumb sticks. Carefully remove the triggers remembering how they came apart so you can reassemble them later. Then segregate the parts to be painted.  

Step 4:

Clean all parts you plan on painting with bleach water to remove oil and dirt build up. Scrub and completely dry all parts then lightly sand the main body with 1000 grit paper. Once sanded clean it again. No Need to sand the buttons. 

Step 5: Retrieve Your New Thumb Sticks From the Old Play Station Controller

Remove the screws with a small Phillips head screwdriver. Open and retrieve the two thumb sticks, discard the rest. notice the difference in size.  

Step 6: Prepare Triggers for Bump Stops

Using the center of your nut decide where to drill your holes, remember the nut must not pass the line when completely installed! Also use the nut to decide the size of your drill bit. Inside the trigger you must remove some plastic baffles. To do this scar the baffle with a razor knife and use needle nose pliers to break it even. If it doesn't break even just finish opening it up with your drill. Verify your screw will fit properly then remove it for painting.

Step 7: Paint

Separate parts and paint even thin coats. Three to four thin coats is better than one heavy coat! Let paint dry to touch between coats. You may still see the under color until your third or fourth coat. Let all parts dry over night before reassembly. 

Step 8: Reassemble and Enjoy

You should not have any issues playing after 24hrs however I suggest letting the controller dry until it stops smelling like paint. Oh yeah THIS PART IS CRITICAL! you will need to force the new thumb sticks through the hole then line them up BEFORE putting the mother board back in the controller. Its too easy and if you forget you will remember as soon as you try to put it back together ;) Well I hope you enjoy!

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6 years ago on Introduction

I did it but i personally like the mushroom tipped thumbstick only on the right


8 years ago on Introduction

I like the idea of the trigger bumpers, but I'm guessing this could only be used in FPS, and would hamper racing games and such... Hmm. I'm trying to think of a way to do this with the end result that you can add and remove the bumpers without opening the case. Maybe epoxy the inside of the trigger and screw into it? Would allow you to add/remove the screw when needed?


Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

you could do this mod, then the other rapid fire mod, and in racing games the rapid fire button (if its a push and click, not push and hold) makes the car stay at full acceleration. its so much easier for me to race this way so i can focus on changing gears. then you'd have the trigger mods from this tut for shooter games, and the button for whatever else. its helpful in a myriad of games.


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

Yes, using a screw and a nut through the trigger will prevent the trigger from completing a full stroke, thus no full accelleration in racing.

To have the ability to enable and disable the trigger stoppers, drill a smaller hole and use kotter keys instead of screws and nuts.

See a kotter key by following the link below.

For a great grip on these without adding any kind of bulk you should spray paint them with PlastiDip.