Introduction: A Bag Out of Used Clothing ! - NO SEWING NEEDED

In 2014, according to the U.S. EPA, over 16 million tons of textile/clothing were thrown away in the United States. At the rapid pace that we are going, we must find new ways to create quick and easy solutions to revalue indisposable waste. Creating a bag out of used clothing (with no sewing needed), is one fast way to revise a piece of clothing you were planning to throw out!

Step 1: Grab Your Tools!

All you need is 2 tools, easy as that!

Step 2: Note Where You Will Cut

The tracing patterns and arrow lead to where the scissors should cut on both layers of the long sleeve. The excess collar that you cut off can be used as a dish rag for the kitchen! From experience, I can say that it is a great alternative than just throwing it away.

Step 3: Tying Up Your Sections

Make sure you have a tight knot on the row of trims as well as on the sleeves for a durable bag!

Step 4: Ready to Reuse!!!

You are done! Feel free to use your new sustainable friendly bag for grocery shopping, laundry, etc. Enjoy!