Introduction: A Band Saw Fence From Angle Iron (steel)

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I built this fence from "angle iron" for my band saw to help cut strait lines on future wood working projects. I had the material laying around but you should only need about 1.5 feet to replicate the project.

Side note, I have always thought it strange that it is called "angle iron", but two pieces together would form a box... and that is called "square tube steel".

Back to the project. Cut the length of material to fit across your band saw table. then cut two more pieces about 3 inches long each.

On the smaller sections you will want to cut about 1 inch square section out of on side of the angle iron. This will allow you to fit them nicely in place to later weld them to the fence.

I used a belt sander to get all the mill scale off my steel and really clean up and flatten the faces of the fence. This way nothing will be scratching my band saw table and I will be sure to have a strait smooth 90 degree angle to work off on the fence.

With all my parts prepped, I fit them u[p checking for square then tack welded them together. I would highly recommend not welding these on the table as it would be easy to mess up your band saw table. After they where tacked in place, I took them to my welding bench to finish the welds. I didn't go crazy as these shouldn't ever see any real stress or be relied on to support any weight.

Just like that your done and ready to test out the fence. I had a lot of fun making this project (who would not getting a chance to do some welding) and making the video. If you also enjoyed the video, please; like, subscribe, and share.

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