Introduction: A Beautiful Tudor Inspired Home

Now this is a tutorial for a beautiful house and base. In survival mode, like on a towny server, this is a great house because it looks nice while providing areas for storage and machines without ruining the nice feel of the home.

If you are like me you might stress a little over getting every block exactly like the tutorial but this is just a nice helpful idea for making a base of operations. This home is based off the Tudor style architecture from England ranging from 1485 to 1603.

Step 1: Floor Plans

The first thing you will need to do is plan your floor. Now this is really easy, just place stone blocks where you want your corners and place in the wood connecting them. Now this can be any shape you want, as long as it fits into the area in which you need it! Do not skip this step but also do not just make a square shaped house, it will not look as good

Step 2: Fill It in a Little

Like the title of this step says, Fill in the floors and everything in the middle. What kind of house would it be without a basement? I added a basement in mine to add more room and also the basement room is sunken down a block to make the living room area a block lower. Add some shape though, is your house totally flat on the floor? It probably isn't. Add a little depth.

Step 3: Walls

This is the wall section which is one of the main things people notice on your house. So pay attention here and make your house unique.

Now make pillars that are four blocks tall, out of log, going up from the stone bricks, This will give you wall sections.

Then make your house have different shaped walls, like in the pictures.

I have done some remodeling and added a part of the second floor. I have gone through a few ideas and it looks pretty good. I moved the walls on the overhang back a little over the door to have a nice patio.

I have added a mossy cobblestone wall around the place, and a fountain to make it look better. The walkway looks good too (to get that block in survival right click dirt with a shovel).

Step 4: Floors and Interior

The Floors are pretty easy, you just fill them in. You can put glowstone or redstone lamps under carpeting for hidden lighting.

Now the interiors are pretty fun because you get to make the inside of your home nicer.

Here are some ideas for the inside. The interiors can be more practical with auto-smelters and such but sometimes the insides should look realistic.

In survival mode, the basement and the attic are less in view from the windows, so they are great for putting machines that do not go as well with the surroundings.

Step 5: Attic

I added a hidden staircase to get to the attic. I like this design. To make this hidden stairway, put three pistons in a diagonal pattern (one over and one up diagonally, repeat). Put an Observer block over the piston facing the same way as the pistons. Now you can put a fence gate, or a similar block, to be make the staircase extend and put redstone one block behind the observer and one block above each of the pistons. It's pretty simple. Put anything in the attic like a smelter and a storage area. I put a full enchanting table area and some lighting. Making the attic very practical in survival is great because it can conceal machines and keep the rest of your house looking amazing.

Step 6: The Roof

I realize that I do not have many pictures of the roof building but it is really easy. Just go up with stairs and you can make it as steep as you want. At the top you can put slabs to finish if it is not on an even space. Pick where you want the flat sides and pyramid up to the top and make triangles. Make the roof even also. If you do not know where the roofline is going, just keep doing the sides evenly and it will line up where it needs to be.

Step 7: Extra Help

You will want to add things outside like me such as: a fountain or two, plants and flowers, a wall with lights (to keep away the monsters) and more.

This section has a video that I recorded to help with a few things inside the house such as a hidden staircase and a few other designs that are easier to explain by showing you.

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