A Beginners Guide to Playing Guitar Part 1

Introduction: A Beginners Guide to Playing Guitar Part 1

About: I'm 13 years old, my interests include paracord, guitar, and Legos.

Hello everybody! Today I'm going to what to pack in your guitar case.

Step 1: #1. Strings

A good set of strings are lifesavers you need them!

Step 2: #1. Tuner

It's obvious what you do with this. :D

Step 3: #3. Picks and Capo

These come in handy. I store mine in an altoids case.

Step 4: #4. Multitool or Allen Wrench Kit.

With mine I use a leatherman because pliers are all I'll need. What tools you need differ between types of guitars.

See you next time, and happy strumming!

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    8 years ago

    Thanks for the advise. In part two I'll make a chord chart.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I'm afraid I thought this would show me how to play a Guitar

    I finished reading this, and haven't picked it up yet

    perhaps the title description is wrong

    perhaps you could have finished with a few basic Chords

    still thanks for trying :)