Introduction: A "Bloom" of Jellyfish

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We live in FL and Jellyfish are in season. While boating, we were in a swarm of Jellyfish and the idea started from there. Shortly after, our 15 month old son was watching “Shark Tail” and he loved the reggae Jellyfish. That sealed the deal.

We used the following items:

Clear Umbrellas

Kids Umbrella Hat

PVC Pipe

Wood Dowel Rod

Velcro Straps

Clip On Cell Phone Holder

Sheer Fabrics

Battery Operated Christmas Lights

EL Wire

Zip Ties

Safety Pins

White Jeans, T-Shirts, Belt & Shoes

First, we took the umbrellas and cut off the handles.

Then we took the PVC pipe and bolded on the velcro straps to the PVC so that it would not move. Make sure that you put the velcro to the correct height of the wearer.

Then we took the PVC pipe and put it on the rod of the umbrella. We also put a cap on the bottom of the PVC pipe.

We then took the EL wire and zip tied them to the poles of the umbrella so that the EL wire is hanging down off the umbrella.

Then we zip tied the Christmas lights to the top inside of the umbrella.

We took sheer fabric and put it overtop of the umbrella and safety pinned the bottom of the fabric to the bottom edge of the umbrella.

We also took sheer fabric and cut it into strips and safety pinned the strips to the bottom edge of the umbrella so that they would hang down off of the umbrella.

For the kids one, we used a kids umbrella hat and Dowel Rod instead of the PVC. We taped the Dowel Rod to the umbrella hat post. We also left the front of the umbrella open so that our kid could see out the front of it better.

You can also make this costume in a hand held version instead of a wearable harness. In our case we wanted our hands free so that we were able to interact with our son and the environment. Also, your kid may be able to wear the umbrella hat instead of it being strapped to his body. Our kid was too small to wear the umbrella hat. Also, visibility is questionable at times, you need to consider the environment you are wearing the costume in.

We had fantastic reactions!!! People loved the costumes everywhere we went. It was very surprising how many people wanted photos of us and gave us great feedback.

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