Introduction: A Box


Of course you're going to need something to store extra stuff in the save space and not just have it lying around somewhere on the floor, so I have the perfect thing you could use, and you can make it. "Wow, what is it?" you're probably not wondering because you already know what it is according to the title you clicked on for the most obvious reason of course. Well, my answer is...a box - and not just any box - a WOOD BOX.

Step 1:

For this step, you're going to need a wood plank. Once you've got your plank your going to want to measure 4 even pieces. These pieces are going to make up the front and back sides of your box, including the base and the lid.

Cutting your wood

You’re going to need (preferably) a table saw or a hand saw (Depending on the wood your using). If you’re going to use a table saw, mark a gap between the lines to where the saw is going to cut the wood. DO NOT saw directly on the lines you drew, saw inside of the gap.

Step 2:

This next step is going to be a little tricky therefore i'm going to break it down for you REALLY SIMPLY, so you don't screw up and flip out. You already have the base, lid and front and back pieces of your box made, so all you have next to do is fill in the left and right sides. These sides are going to be made with the extra pieces of wood From your wooden plank.

The sides, top and bottoms of the box

Step 3:

Getting Your Box Together

Next we're going to need some glue, this glue will help keep the wood in place while you nail the sides of the box together. Tip: when you glue the pieces of wood together, DON'T SLATHER THE ENTIRE SIDE OF THE WOOD WITH GLUE, you’ll have glue everywhere, and it's going to be a bit of a mess to deal with. Glue one of the smaller sides together in between the two larger sides Clamp the sides down strongly with two clamps, one at each side Wait for a few hours (preferably overnight) and remove the clamps when finished When finished drying do the same thing with the other smaller side and place it between the other end of the box Repeat the waiting process When finished drying once more place your now bottomless box on top of your bottom slab of wood (with glue to attach it together) and clamp it together strongly on all four sides

Step 4:

Sanding it Down

Not every box is perfect after some hardcore glueing, therefore were going to need to sand the uneven sides down to make it...well even! The first thing you're going to need is a sanding belt. My box is made out of Oak, which is a very strong wood therefore it requires a lot of heavy sanding. If your box is a softer wood and if you don't own or are able to get to a Sanding belt then just use some hard grain sandpaper (it’s probably going to be less efficient therefore it’s going to take longer). Tips: SAND WITH THE GRAIN!!! Get your belt sander handy Turn on your belt sander Place the flat sides (with the grain going the direction of the belt) and push downward as the belt in ON Repeat this step multiple times until you feel that the sides of your box are well sanded

Step 5:

Glueing (once again) Measure a piece of wood to the amount of thickness the sides of your box is Measure the middle of the lid glue one side of the other piece of wood Place that piece of wood DIRECTLY in the middle of the bottom side of the lid Get 4 clamps in handy, and clamp down the lid on every corner of the wood piece Let the glue dry overnight You may sand the sides of the lid

Step 6:

Now your finished with your box!