Introduction: A Bright Hat!

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I've made it as simple as I was able to. So I hope it will please you as much as me!

Let's get started!

Step 1: The Hat : Cardboard Part

For this step you will need :

  • Carboard (from cereal box for example)
  • Scissors
  • Cutter or Exacto knife
  • Every clip you have
  • Glue
  • Heavy object (books?)

Download the pdf "Plan chapeau" for the cutting scheme.

If your cardboard is thick enough you don't have to duplicate pieces.

Once you've done, glue twins together ("a"/"a" and "b"/"b"). Gluing the cardboard face together facilitates the process! And let it dry under heavy object.

Assemble each part together, first the "b" and "c" and then, the "a" and "c". At this point every clip was my saviour!

And the cardboard part is over!

Step 2: The Hat : Fabric Part

You'll need :

  • Fabric for the main part : if you want 2 colours 25x150cm each one or 50x150cm for all
  • Fabric for the quilted part : 25x25cm
  • Tulle or wadding
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine or hand needles
  • Strengh thread
  • Textile glue
  • Bias 1m

Use the same file to cut pieces BUT add 1,5cm for the seam allowance on each pattern.

Sew separately the inner and outer part. Don't forget to stop sewing 1,5cm before the opening edge for the "c" piece.

To avoid the move of the "b" piece on the cardboard, make another sewing close to the first one by sewing together the rest of the seam allowance and the outer part. That's not quite clear, sorry, but see the second photo it could help.

The quilted part (third photo) :

This is made to hide de battery holder case!

Cut a "a" piece without cutting the center, gathering edges until it fits to "b" piece's edges. Add tulle or wadding to give the volume you want (I don't fill the center part to help placing the battery holder case, see the sixth photo) and glue it to the "b" piece (textile glue is the best!).

Now you can fix the inner fabric by hand sewing through the cardboard and in the same time create the place for your battery holder case! Don't forget to leave a long length of thread for the next step!

To keep the battery holder case in place you could use a round hair elastic band twisted like a "8" and attach it with the remaining thread! (see the eighth photo)

The hat :

Now it's time to finish the fabric part!

So you have to sew the inner and outer parts together and then close the opening's edges by gluing the fabric (the easiest way I've found! See the eleventh photo). Then sew the bias or elastic band on each opposite side.

Decorations : be creative! Fabric flowers, feathers, 3D print, bias, gemstones, beads, pearls... It's up to you ;)'re done with the fabric part!

Step 3: The Light Bulb and the Light Inside!

For this step you will need :

  • A clear christmas plastic ball
  • A round shape file
  • Clear tape
  • Thin metal wire or paint in colour of your choice
  • Hot glue gun
  • Thread and needle
  • Arduino Pro or Pro mini (Atmega168 3.3V 8000Mhz)
  • Wire
  • LED 8mm or 5mm for tiny glass bottle
  • Resistor 22Ohms
  • 2x1,5V AA battery holder case with ON/OFF switch

For this project I've used a sizzling light effect, (like abandoned place with one last remaining light). For Arduino's code, please use the file joined "Sizzling.ino" I've developped for this project. There're comments to understand each parameter.
For the electronic part, just see the scheme joined too!

Then the bulb :

You'll need to file a hole on your plastic ball to place the wire. Then you could paint your wire or wrap it with metal wire to give a nice effect. Once you've done, place your LED inside your bulb and secure it with the hot glue gun (just a little bit on the hole).

Now you have to attach your bulb on the ceiling! You should better attach it to the quilted part in case you have to change AA battery.

BUT you could also use several tiny glass bottles to make like a chandelier! (My next test on a bigger hat Niark!) In that case you have to use smaller LED (:such as 5mm) to be able to get the LED IN the bottle.

Et voilà! Have fun!

The last thing! Would you let me see your version of this project please? I'm very curious :D

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