Introduction: A Bright Idea With Origami Stars

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This was a gift I made for my lady.  I hope you all enjoy it as much as she did/does!
I've linked to other Instructables to avoid explaining certain things that other authors on this site have done so well.
I hope they inspire you like they've inspired me.

-A ruler
-A pencil
-A Dremel tool with a cutting wheel and a sanding drum
-Hot glue gun
-French curves
-A glue stick

-A sheet of yellow 8.5"x11" copy paper
-Two 60w light bulbs (or more depending on how many you break)
-Scrap yellow fabric
-Scrap cardboard
-Scrap booking paper or other artsy paper.
-Sticky felt

-Cut a 3"x 11" strip of paper off the long side of your paper and set it aside.  This will leave you with a 5.5"x11" sheet.

-Turn your paper into as many 3/8" X 5.5"strips as you can, these will become your stars

-dr15 will show you how to make the stars in her instructable.  You will not need an entire sheet of stars for this project but you should still fold the lot of them.  The leftovers make great gifts.

-From the 3"x11" leftover strip, make 8 strips that are 3/8" x 3".  From them you will fold a tight paper chain in a loop.  The chain construction is similar to jwystup's starburst chain instructable, the difference is, I only did the folds in picture's 4 and 5 of her second step then linked them together.

-Take one 60w light bulb and carefully remove the threaded metal section.  Cut the metal at the top with a sturdy razor blade then pry it off with needle nose pliers. ( it's aluminum and peels nicely).

-Using a Dremel tool with a cutting wheel, CAREFULLY cut the glass below where the threaded metal section would be on a whole bulb.  Take your time and work SLOWLY, IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE PERFECT.  The existing jagged edge will be hidden anyway.  (l went through 5 bulbs before l got a satisfactory result, these things are ridiculously fragile)

-You are going to need enough glass at the base to hot glue it into a separate threaded base while still allowing you enough room to remove the guts of the bulb, and fill the globe with stars and your paper ring.  Use your best judgement.

-Take a second bulb and break it in a towel with your favorite blunt object.  You need the metal base to be intact and as pristine as possible.

-Use the needle nose pliers to remove any glass remaining in the metal section then use your Dremel tool with a sanding bit to remove the adhesive insulation.  Again, it does not have to be perfect, but remove as much as possible.  You will be filling this space with hot melt glue soon anyway.

Step 1: Bulb and Base

-Fill your bulb with stars up to where the bulb narrows, give it a few shakes to let the stars settle.  You may need to add more or remove some.  It's a careful balance because you'll need to insert your paper ring.

- The ring serves two purposes; it looks nice and it compacts the stars in the bulb so they don't rattle.

- When you insert your paper ring you should stuff its center with a strip of yellow fabric that closely matches its color.  This adds filler and also gives the hot glue something else to grip.  The fabric should also fill the gap between where you cut the bulb and the inside bottom of the metal piece, so start with longer fabric than you think you'll need and trim accordingly.  You may need to do a few dry fittings.

-After you've trimmed your fabric to your liking pump a healthy dose of hot glue around the inside of the metal base and the bottom.  You want enough glue to bond the two halves but you don't want glue to squeeze out between the glass and the base when you mate them together.

-Work quickly and mate the glass section with the metal/glue section and twist gently until you feel resistance then stop.  Your bulb is done!

- For the decorative base I used the same design process as in my Let them go one by one all day  instructable.  I used french curves, graph paper and scrap booking paper, but craft to your personal taste.

-The black cradle on the base that supports the bulb is made of 6 modules from n8man's origami egg instructable.  My equilateral triangle pieces are 1.5" on a side.  

-I colored them black with a brush pen and inside reverse folded the tips in to make them square, then I glued the cradle in place with craft glue after dry fitting the bulb placement and marking the corner positions with a pencil.

I hope you enjoyed my instructable.
Happy crafting!

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