Introduction: A Burglar Alarm Based on PIR Sensor With Sms Alert Using 8051

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" The goal of this project is to sense the surrounding environment with the help of passive infrared sensor (PIR sensor) and sends desired information about detection of an object to the mobile number with the help of GSM module to alert the owner "

Passive infrared sensor : PIR can detect object by sensing the emitting of radiation level of infrared rays from that source. The dependency of this sensor is upon the infrared radiation level the more emission of strong radiation from the body more we would be able to detect an object easily. Like human body radiate some infrared energy it has some different levels.You can get this sensor easily from electronic shop it,s local sensor or you can made by your self.

Step 1: Selection of GSM Module :

There are Different kind of GSM module Available in Market but Most popular Module is SIM900 so i used SIM900 in this Tutorial .Gsm Modules Manufactured by different companies so most of the GSM modules Require 12v Dc input power Supply but some of them Require 15 v Dc so don't forget to check the input voltage for the Gsm module in this project we using 12v input dc base GSM module.

Insert Your SIM card to Module and Lock it carefully Connect Power adapter and Turn On the ModuleNow wait for some time because it will take some time to establish connection with BTSWhen the Module Connection established successfully with the Mobile network so the present status led on Gsm Module board will blink continuously every 3 seconds .you can check the Gsm module that it,s working fine or Not by making a call on that number which you insert on Gsm module if you hear a ring back it means the Gsm module is good and established a successful connection with Mobile network.

Step 2: Circuit Diagram :

All components is clear in schematic with proper values First make hardware of this project on bread board and test it if you get good results then make it on a pcb or if you found some errors so try to trouble shoot or contact with us - Thanks enjoy!

Step 3: Source Code :

You can change the sender number and display messages in source code ...when you make this project successfully so don't forget to share pictures with us .

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