Introduction: A Car Key Made From a Ratcheting Wrench

A classy car should have a classy and unique car key. I took a 12mm ratchet spanner and tried to replicate the form of the original car key. With only a few basic tools like an angle grinder, rotary tool and few metal files I successfully managed this quite precise job to came true.

How I did it - you can check by looking DIY video or you can follow up instructions below.

For this project you will need:

12mm ratcheting spanner / wrench


Angle grinder with cutting and grinding discs

Vise and clamps

A rotary tool with cutting discs, sanding drum & engraving bits

Small metal files

Metal polishing and buffing pads with polishing compound

Permanent marker, ruler, and sharp scraper for marking

A bit of patient and precise work:)

Step 1: Modifying 12mm Ratchet Spanner

Cut ratcheting wrench to needed length. After that flattened to needed thickness with grinding disc.

Step 2: More Shaping

Used caliper to mark proper width and with rotary tool + drum sander bit shaped to needed witdht.

Step 3: Replicating Original Key Pathern

Covered flattened surface with black marker and scraped original key outer shape by using the key as a template.

Step 4: A Bit More of Copy/paste

When the outer shape was more or less done, I moved to the pair of grooves on the flat surface. Measured and marked with the caliper on a black surface. After that used a rotary tool to cut 1mm dept grooves.

Step 5: Finetuning to Perfectness

With a rotary tool and engraving bit finetuned every single groove and bump to perfect match.

Step 6: Finishing Till Perfect Shine

Sanded with scotch Brite pad on a palm sander. Later on, finished by polishing with two different metal polishing compounds and buffing discs.

Step 7: Final Result and a Test Run

The result was mind-blowing - shiny, unique and what is most important - it turned the car!

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