Introduction: A Cardboard Device: THE SHIRT FOLDER

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You have got to agree that nobody really likes doing chores like ironing clothes, folding them up neatly, stacking them into neat piles and so on. A hack was necessary. So here's a solution we found that takes us one step closer to 24 x 7 relaxation. We are not yet in a dorm, but this is going to be the device that I'm going to carry around everywhere. For the dorm people and the life hackers out there, check this out!

Our inspiration was from Sheldon's shirt folder in the "big bang theory", and we have replicated that same design.

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Some material slightly bigger than your shirt (we used a piece of cardboard that we cut out from a washing machine box) you could use acrylic sheets or wood etc.

Something to create hinges we just used tape on the joints


Utility knife

Measuring tape (that's all)


We generally fold a t-shirt in three steps:

  1. We fold one sleeve inwards
  2. Then the other sleeve
  3. And finally we fold the bottom of the shirt upwards.

Instead of us folding the t-shirt in these steps we have used flaps which replicate this movement...Now that you know how it works it is time to start building the structure!


This shirt folder is designed for the specific size of your t-shirt. To know how big you will have to make the panels according to your t-shirt, you will start by measuring your t-shirt. Take a folded t-shirt of yours and measure the length and width.

Now draw out 2 rectangles with the specific measurements onto your cardboard. Carefully cut them out with your knife making sure to be as neat as possible. You will then have to cut out 2 bigger rectangles for the side flaps, these have the same width but is double the length. You should end up with 2 small rectangles and 2 big ones.

Notice that I have put some tape along the borders. This is to give a neat edge and make it more endurant. Keep in mind that you don't need to do this, although I feel it gives it a nice touch.


Start by laying out the rectangular pieces making sure that the 2 smaller ones are in the middle and the big ones are on either side.(as shown in the picture). Then space the flaps out so that they have around a centimeter's gap between each other.

Now tape up the small rectangular piece on top to all its adjacent. Tape then both front and back. If you've followed the steps correctly you t-shirt folder should look like the last picture, it is ready to turn folding clothes into a fun job.

Step 5: IT WORKS!

Time to test out your creation...

  1. spread out your t-shirt upside down, with the top facing down.
  2. Fold one side flap inwards and back
  3. Fold the other side flap inwards and back
  4. And finally the bottom flap upwards and back.

There you have it!!! A perfectly folded t-shirt in half the time and it's fun :)

Step 6: Further Modifications

After we finished building this we thought we could make it even better. How about making it automatic,or even folding all your clothes(not only t-shirts), or maybe even stacking them up for you in your cupboard.

Well we have built a version 2.0 which does exactly so! This is something you would surely want, wouldn't you? Well then stay tuned for cooler updates, coming soon!!

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