Introduction: A Cheap Computer

this is a guide about how to build a cheap PC, this PC is not let to do any heavy work but can be use for basic browsing and word processing.

Step 1: Step1: Parts!

  • any processor
  • any motherboard compatible with processor
  • RAM
  • storage
  • power supply

That's it!

Step 2: Assembling the Computer

first, take out the motherboard and CPU, and place CPU in the CPU socket in the motherboard. The gold triangle should aligned with the triangle on the CPU sock.

Second, take the CPU cooler out of the box, and install on top of the CPU, if use an Intel CPU, push the push pins into the designated holes in the motherboard, if the CPU is an AMD CPU then latch down both arms on both sides of the cooler to lock the cooler into place. After installing the cooler, take the CPU fan header and plug it into the CPU fan power connector on the motherboard

Third, take the RAM and align the indent in the pins with the indents in the motherboard's RAM slot, press down on the RAM until its clicks into place.

Fourth, take the hard drive and connect it to the motherboard using the sata connector .

Finally take the power supply and plug in the 24 pin power connector to the corresponding port on the motherboard, then take the CPU 4 pin power connector and place that in the 4 pin connector above the CPU socket. lastly take the sata power cables and plug them into the hard drive

Step 3: Turing on the Computer Without a Case

On the bottom right corner of the motherboard, there is a 10 pin array, these pins are what control the power button on the computer, in order to turn on the computer without using a case , take a screw driver and connect the first 2 pins of the top left of the array.