Introduction: A Chicken Kicking a Tree

This is a chicken that is wearing a Christmas hat that is kicking a a Christmas tree. I'm going to show you how to make this simple 3-D printed model. GOOD LUCK!!!

Step 1: The Egg and the Legs

STEP 1.) To start off you need to have the egg so that can be the body of the chicken and you will need to have two chicken legs.When you have the egg make sure you put is at 0 Degrees and for one of the chicken legs make sure you put it at 0 degrees when the one leg is at 0 degrees make sure you connect both legs to the egg.

Step 2: The Christmas Hat

STEP 2.) For the Christmas hat you will need a paraboloid colored red, a Turos colored white, and a white sphere that is made small. When you have all those items set leave the turos alone and the put the paraboloid in the center of the turos. when the turos and the paraboloid are put in the correct spot make sure you still have the white sphere and make it small. when the sphere is made small lift up the sphere and put it on top of the paraboloid.

Step 3: The Chicken Head

STEP 3.) For the chicken head you will need a white colored sphere, you will also need two small spheres that are colored black, and you will need a pretty small cone colored orange.

When you have all those item put the eyes on the head where you believe they are supposed to go and connect the cone to the sphere where you believe its supposed to go. When you are all done with the chicken head make sure you put the Christmas hat on the chicken head.

Step 4: The Chicken Wings

Step 4.) To make the arms get 2 Paraboloids and stretch them out to make them bigger and look like chicken wings. when that is done make sure the color is white. When your done with making one of the wings you can copy the chicken wing and paste the same exact one by pressing CTRL + C and then you press CTRL + V.

Step 5: The Christmas Tree

STEP 5.) To make the Christmas tree you will get a box and make it into a small rectangle and make sure that it is colored brown. TO make the tree design get the spruce shape and color it green and make it big and thick so it can look like real Christmas tree. when you have every thing done by done i mean connected the small rectangle and the spruce shape get a sphere and make it small so it can look like Christmas Ornaments.

Step 6: Connect Every Thing Together

Step 6.) In the last step make sure you connect everything together the way you want. I hope you like my creation and i hope you can create this too!!!!!!