Introduction: A Clock From Pallet Wood Blocks

This time I’ll show you how to make A Clock from Pallet Wood Blocks
How I did it - you can check by looking DIY video or you can follow up instructions bellow.

For this project you will need:


Old clock or clock movement mechanism;

Pallet wood blocks;

Wood glue;

Wood screws;

Wood finish;


Circular saw;


Drill and bits

Jig saw

Step 1: Old Clock

I had, this old ugly looking, scratched all around wall clock. It's functioning fine, but how it's looking - isn't acceptable for me any more. So I decided to take out movement mechanism and make my own design wall clock, by using some pallet wood blocks.

Step 2: Preparing Wood Blocks

Measured and cut pallet wood blocks in half, to get proper block height for my clock.

Step 3: Working With Wood

Measured movement mechanism shaft length and cut same thickness peace of block from clock centre. Next, marked and cut out a hole, where movement mechanism will be hidden.

Step 4: Movement Mechanism

Found a center point, and made a hole for clock shaft.
Mixed some epoxy to glue movement mechanism in place. When epoxy was dry enough - glued cover back with wood glue.

Step 5: Wood Blocks in Progress

Center peace is done, now is time to prepare other blocks for final assemble. For that, it's need to remove part of wood from back side of each block. In this way I’ll get some space to attach fixing board. To make it safe and easy - I made a simple jig. Corner blocks was cut in 45 degrees angle. Side pieces - cut at one block side. Used chisel to remove cut wood.

Step 6: Final Assemble

From 12mm plywood prepared back board to attach all wood blocks. First was glued center piece, after that attached all others.
I want that between blocks will be 7mm gap, so I'll used 7mm spacers. Final assemble process is quite simple, use spacers and clamps to fix block in preferred place, pre-drill and screw it in place.

Step 7: Appling Wood Finish

And last step - it's time to put some finish on. I used transparent finish look beeswax oil.
I really like how it takes out all wood texture, all dark spots, splits and time marks. All that was created by nature. It doesn't matter, how hard you will try, to repeat this color and texture mix - I'm pretty sure, you can't. That's why, this look is so unique!

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