Introduction: A Clock That Falls Off the Wall When You Look at It

Have you ever wanted a clock that doesn't tell you the time. Me neither, but that's what you get when you put me in quarantine with a couple electronic components, and the internet.


1. Raspberry Pi

2. 9g Servo (Any servo/motor should work)

3. Wall Clock

4. Webcam

5. Portable Charger

6. 3 male to female wires

7. Breadboard (optional)

Step 1: Software

Firstly program your Pi. All it needs to do is detect when there is a face and then activate a servo to push itself off of a wall. Here's my code: I used the cv2 library for the facial recognition, along with a face haar cascade. (The ones I used are here:

Step 2: Connecting the Servo

Next step is to put all the components together. Connect the servo to the Raspberry Pi. Make sure to connect the red wire to a 5v pin, the black/brown wire to a ground pin, and the yellow/orange wire to one of the GPIO pins (just make sure you output to the correct pin in the code (You can also connect all of these to a breadboard, but I found it easier just to connect them directly because all we're connecting is the servo).

Step 3: Connecting the Webcam

Now finally connect the webcam. I did it through USB, but you could also do it with a Raspberry Pi camera module. All you should have to do is plug it in.

Step 4: Enjoy!

You can now enjoy not knowing the time, and having to fix your clock every time you look at it. I also have 2 videos on the clock. The second one goes a little bit more in depth.

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