Introduction: Plastic Tipped Dart (good Distance for Modded Blasters)

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This is a cool, but expensive (unless your Bill Gates). They hurt like crazy. I don't expect you to just hurt people because using this in a night finder will shoot pretty fast, but not far. :( Just to show how much it hurts, I shot my bare foot on accident and it left a bruise. >.< (It hurts)

!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm not responcible for any injuries or serious, entense pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: The Materials

  You will need the following:

1)A dart ( any kind of dart will work)

2)A pen cap and grip ( make sure they fit togetherand the dart)

3)a utility knife (optional)

!!!Be sure the grip and the capfit together and they also fit the dart tightly!!!

Step 2: Disassembly

  Take the dart and cut everything out or just pull the cap off. Please don't rip apart the faom or make the faom weak.

Step 3: Assembly

Take the grip and fit it on so half of the foam is sticking out. Next, take the pen cap and fit it on the shorter end. The more tight the more power.

Step 4: Have Fun!!!

laod in any blaster and fire. Scientific term: the cap saels the air pushed into the dart more effectively and the pen grip makes it tight (if you wrap a regular dart with tape it shoots more straight) and narrow the accuracy.