A Cure to Sore Throat or Cough - Pear Sugar Soup




Introduction: A Cure to Sore Throat or Cough - Pear Sugar Soup

For this instructable, I would like to introduce a recipe for people who have a cough or sore throat. Pear is really a good kind of fruit to cure cough or sore throat, but I found that some people do not like eating pears. The pear sugar soup has the same function and taste good! It is simple to make at home and you can also make it as a dessert. So, let's do it!

Step 1: Ingredients and Equipment

A pear, some sugar, other fruits that you like.

A pot, a bowl, and a knife (and a peeler).

Step 1: Peel the pear carefully and cut the pear into two pieces. You then take out the pear inside. If you like, you can make some patterns on the top of the bottom piece. I did some triangle patterns on top.

Step 2: Steam Pear With Water

Add water and sugar into the bowl and put it into the pot. Remember put enough water in pot. Then steam the pear sugar soup. After 15 minutes, you can take it out and wait until it cools. Then, enjoy it! Hope you like it!

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8 years ago on Introduction

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