Introduction: A Cushion of Cherry Stones to Get Warm


The cherry stones are able to hold their temperature for a long time.

You can use that property to create a portable source of heat with many uses:
Warm feet and hands (for example when you go to sleep), alleviates the pains of muscle and cervical. It can be used cold as an ice-pack.

I will show you how to make a cushion to hold the cherry stones.

- 100% natural cotton fabric (the important thing is that this fabric is resistant to high temperatures)
- Cherry Stones
- Needle and Thread of cotton
- Scissors

Step 1: The Cherry Stones

After eating cherries, to preserve the stones, clean them well and dry in the sun.

Step 2: Prepare the Cushion

Take two pieces of cotton fabric and draw the shape of the cushion you want to get, with a pencil.

Overlap the two pieces of cotton fabric and secure with pins sure are well-stretched and do not fold.

Now, sew around the perimeter marked in pencil, leaving a 2-3 cm.

Step 3: Finishing the Cushion and Put the Stones

Cut the fabric around the seam, leaving a flange of 1 cm.

Turn the cushion from the hole

Insert the cherry stones using a funnel

Sew up the hole and you're done.

Step 4: Use

To get the cushion warm, you can put in hot oven or microwave avoing too excessive temperature, or on a radiator.

To use it cold put it in the freezer.

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