Introduction: A Custom Lathe

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Well Hello!

I made an instructable some months back about making a mini wood lathe from a small dc motor and some other stuff i found laying arround. It worked like a charm with small projects such as a pen or so,but it definatelly cant turn large bowls or tablelegs or so!

So its time to make a bigger one!One that has nothing to envy from the one you 'll buy for three, or four, or five hundred dollars. Plus, you know you 've made it with your own hands and brains, and for me this kind of things always puts a smile on my face....

Lets have a rough look on what you'll need.(I hope i dont forget something ,but even if i's a custom one! Whatever works best for you) :

-Half a sheet of 16mm MDF (you can buy it already cut at your local store to fit your desired dimensions)

-A threaded rod 1m (3ft) high.(10mm in diameter in my case ,but I am considering converting to a thicker one. You can never be too sure!)

-3 or 4 bearings to fit the diameter of your rod.

-A descent motor. (mine came from an old pressure washer. It's around 1.5 hp ac motor, with more than enough power for the project. Look around! There are so many things you can salvage a powerfull motor from, and save some bucks to spend on more beer at the end of the day...!)

-An AC potentiometer circuit.(220V in my case.110 if you are an american)

-2m or 6ft of wire to wire it up.

-Nuts,screws,wood glue,epoxy and some clamps for sure..

-Two steel hinges.

-A driving belt (it was time for me to replace the timing belt on my car. The old one I salvaged does the work just fine!)

And thats about all as far as i can remember.

I divided the make in two vids as it was kind of long and boring for a single vid.

I suggest you to watch the v2.1 one first as its shorter and more pleasant, plus you ll see the thing working at the end of the vid and how it turned out. And if you decide to make one,then go and watch the v2.0 one as it is more detailed.

And then go make one!

You 'll have tons of fun with a lathe,trust me.

I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have on the comment section below.

And thanks for watching. It really helps...

See you next time.