Introduction: A DIY Stylish Ring Made From Buttons

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This is very simple upcycling process for buttons and old rings.

As it is shown in the images, all what you have to do is create a cute assortment of gorgeous buttons you have around and then glue them on a ring base or on a broken ring or just old ring that you are bored wearing it.

I used for creating this ring:

Old broken ring of mine

2 buttons (the color of the big one is light pink and the smaller one's white)

Small beads

Thread (I chose yellow thread to stitch up the buttons and the beads together, as I wanted a hint of neon color in the base of the ring)

Nail polish (it is not necessary to be used here, I just used it to cover the unattractive color of my old ring)

This is pretty much it, and I actually wear this ring almost every day and during different activities as business meetings, grocery shopping… :)

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