Introduction: A Decent Looking DIY Face Shield (size Adjustable and Swivel)

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With the COVID-19 pandemic now hitting almost every country, it is getting harder to find PPE. The project does not claim to pass any PPE standards, but it will get you through places where close proximity to people are inevitable.

The materials used here are what we have in stock. They can be substituted with other common home or office materials you may have.

These face shields were made for social workers who needed face protection in a hurry. I did not know who they were, so the face shields should be something that is adjustable so it can fit them. 1 requirement is that it needed to have a swivel, so they can put on or take off their face masks if needed.

I was fortunate enough to have access to a CO2 laser cutter which made the job a lot faster and easier.

But if you are making this by hand it's not the difficult or time consuming to do. So let's make one.


Here are the materials and tools you may need:

1. a transparent pvc cover sheet - these are the ones used for covers on ring bounded documents. this will be the face shield.

2. Mylar film or any thin plastic or a thick cardboard stock or folder.

3. Double sided tape.

4. box cutter or X-acto knife - if you got a CO2 laser this would be great.

5. 2 rubber bands.

6. PDF files if your doing this by hand or DXF if you got a laser cutter.

Step 1: Assemble

Once you have printed (print them 1:1 scale) and cut the parts. it's time to do some assembly. First is to stick the transparent PVC cover sheet to the Visor strap. Join the visor strap and the top head strap together. Then move to tying the forehead and back head support together using some rubber bands. do the same thing on the oter side. Then join the back head supports together, lock them in place.

And it's done. wear it whenever you need to go outside. this works best if you wear a face mask underneath. this helps to block most spittles you may encounter. Sanitize or disinfect it upon every use.