Introduction: A Deck Chair Made From Pallet Wood Leftovers

In this instructable, I’ll use all my pallets of wood leftovers from various previous projects and build a comfy deck chair.

How I did it - you can check by looking DIY video or you can follow up instructions below.

For this project you will need:


Random pallet wood leftovers

Some wood screws 50mm in length


Circular, or miter, or even hand saw

Marking tools like pencil and ruler


Rubber mallet



Drill & Driver

Sandpaper ()80, 120 grit) and orbital sander

And some imagination to squeeze the maximum from those pallet wood scraps:)

Step 1: The Pile of Potential

From a few pallet wood projects in the past, I still have some leftovers. They aren’t in the greatest shape, but still, have a lot of potentials. So instead of cutting them into firewood, I’ll make a low and comfy deck chair.

Step 2: Front Support

This chair will be a single-seater, so I split this piece into two parts. I’ll use the longer one, which is the 67-centimeter length.

An additional row of the board with blocks is needed to achieve the needed height in front. Also, I relocated one woodblock to the needed place. Lastly cut the corner in 45 degrees to match the other side.

Step 3: The Main Bottom Part

The main bottom part support structure will be made from this piece. Before using it I would like to reduce the size and remove that one row of the board offcuts.

After this small modification, cut in half and secured with 50 millimeters wood screws.

Step 4: One More Board

I still need to add one additional board on the sitting part. I think this one will be just fine. Removed nails, cut the board to size, and screwed it into place.

Step 5: Working on Last Pallet Wood Scraps

The bottom part was finished, let’s move on to the back support. All upcoming steps will be recurring boards or blocks only, so I disassembled all left pallet pieces. After good 20 minutes of working with a rubber mallet and a crowbar, I came out with this pile of reclaimed pallet wood. 

Step 6: Making Back Support

Those 3 boards will be used later for the back support face, while those 4 I’ll use now and will make a vertical back support structure.

First, cut boards to need length. After that split a pair of wood blocks and used them as spacers in between two boards.

Step 7: A Bit More on the Same Back Supports

After some testing, I found that the comfiest back support angle is 9 degrees. So I made a template that simply the alignment process. Marked how much wood must be cut to be able to insert all this part into the open hole. I want to make those pieces less bulky, so marked the middle on the top and cut diagonally along the length.

Since the band saw left not so clean-cut - I sanded it on a belt sander.

Step 8: Installing in Place

Because all was measured twice and cut once - the fitment was perfect. And what left - predrill and secure with a woods screws.

Step 9: Last 3 Boards

I cut the last three pallet boards to size. They will be used for the back support face.

Aligned each board with a few spacers, predrilled, and fixed permanently with wood screws.

And lastly sanded it 120 grit sander paper to remove all dirt and roughness. 

Step 10: The Result!!

At the beginning of this build, my goal was to make it as simple as possible and minimalist design a low and comfy deck chair, which still keeps that pallet wood identity. And I think I did quite well. The sitting position, back support angle, and overall look are exactly spot on. I would like to hear your opinion in the comments too.

One more great thing about this build, that the materials could be sourced totally free and all build could be done with minimal hand tools, like a drill and a hand saw. I hope this will inspire and encourage you to make it by your selves.

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