A Detailed Drawing




Introduction: A Detailed Drawing

Hello everyone, this will be a little short instructable, I just want to share with you a drawing that I made a few weeks ago and explain a little of what I did and maybe some advice.


For this drawing I used an A3 paper format and two types of pen, in my case I used the Micron 0.05 and 0.1.

It is useful to look for paper with a slightly rough texture, because these are more absorbent, so we avoid that the ink of the pen can stain our drawing

Step 1: The Initial Drawing

It is useful to start our drawing with a pencil, first we draw the most significant features and pressing little on the paper, so then we can erase those lines more easily, if we are drawing a picture it is useful to draw the largest elements first and try to relate them to have drawing guides, so we can maintain the proportion between the objects.
In my drawing I made a traditional facade of an Italian house.

Step 2: Start the Job

First of all, doing a detailed drawing requires something very important, and that is patience.

Once the general drawing is ready you can change the tool, it is the pen's turn. As we already have the main references of our drawing we can start with the pen from anywhere, but it is good to be ordered and go little by little. It is convenient to draw 1 to 3 hours a day, or at least I did it like this :)

Step 3: Relax

Drawing is a relaxing activity, for that reason you should not despair, draw a little every day, if you feel tired leave it for that moment, it is important that all the drawing maintain the same quality.

Step 4: The Detail

The smallest details should not be perfect, you can draw them somewhat faster and without much accuracy, these are small and do not alter the drawing, they complement it and make it look more complex.

You decide how much detail you put in, just make sure that the whole drawing stays regular.

For this part I used pen 0.05 because it is very useful to make very thin lines.

Step 5: The Final Result

This was the final result after approximately 10 hours, I am very satisfied with what I achieved.


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    4 Discussions


    12 months ago

    I use Auto Desk Inventor to "draw" because I don't even have .005% of your talents. Your work is BEAUTIFUL.
    I do find any creative process relaxing and engaging. At least we have that in common.


    Reply 12 months ago

    I really loved your comment, thanks a lot !! :)


    1 year ago

    So neat to see your process! Adding detail is definitely my favorite part. :)