A Fall Spelt Tagliatelli

Introduction: A Fall Spelt Tagliatelli

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So, I had to use some of it for this special fall dish! This spelt tagliatelli dish, I make often in Fall Season. It is very easy to make & very easy to devour too! I made it for a family dinner party some days ago & everyone loved it & asked for more,… So I am happy to deliver! ;) I always use spelt tagliatelli & the cheesy sauce goes so well with the smoked bacon & sage roasted pumpkin pieces! Check it all out for yourself!

Recipe: For 3 persons

350 gr egg-free spelt tagliatelli

2 fat cloves of garlic, peeled & finely cut up 1 medium white onion, peeled & finely cut up

250 ml soy cream

black pepper

Maldon sea salt

fresh sage leaves: 7 for the sage roasted pumpkin & 4 for the smoked bacon, each leaf finely cut up

a fruity extra virgin olive oil

100 gr grated Gruyère cheese

700 gr peeled pumpkin, cut up into bite-sized pieces

200 gr smoked bacon smaller pieces


1. Preheat your oven to 200°C ( 400 F ) for 10 minutes. I always use a fan oven. Take a larger non-stick roasting tin & place your pumpkin cubes all in 1 layer in it. Add 10 grins of black pepper over them & a bit less than 1/2 teaspoon Maldon sea salt. Scatter your 7 cut up sage leaves all over the pumpkin & finally drizzle some of that fruity evoo all over it, but not too much. Mingle, with clean hands everything well together. Place into the hot oven & roast for about 25-30 minutes. After 18 minutes of roasting, turn your veggies over to prevent burning & for an equal roast! :)

2. Cook your spelt tagliatelli according to your packet instructions. Drain well in a colander & place the lid on to keep warm. The same pot where you cooked your tagliatelli in, use it again. It is nice & hot & heat up on high. Add some drizzles of that fruity evoo & heat up. When hot, add onion pieces & fry until tender & browned. Now, pour soy cream in it & reduce it a bit, but not too much because you will add the grated cheese & that thickens the sauce also more. When the soy cream is to your liking, add grated cheese & stir often to let the cheese melt so you will end up with a lovely creamy cheesy sauce. Add cooked tagliatelli & add smoked bacon & fried garlic to the hot pot. Mingle everything together gently with tongs. Add some seasoning extra if you need to. I added a few pinches of crushed Maldon sea salt & 15 grins of black pepper.

3. In the meantime, take a larger non-stick frying pan & heat up on high. Pour a few drizzles of olive oil & heat up. When hot, add garlic & fry for a bit. Now, add smoked bacon & scatter your 4 cut up sage leaves all over the bacon & fry until browned on all sides & cooked through. I added 5 grins of black pepper to my bacon & garlic pieces.

4. Plate up! Place your spelt tagliatelli-cheese-soy cream-smoked bacon-garlic sauce onto a pasta plate & scatter a lot of the roasted sage-pumpkin on top of it. Enjoy instantly with a loved one! MMM,…I assure you that you want another plate! ;)

You can find this tasty recipe here on my blog: http://sophiesfoodiefiles.wordpress.com/2014/10/07/fall-spelt-tagliatelli/

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    Mmmm I always get hungry looking at your posts. This sounds so tasty! Thanks for sharing!