Introduction: A Fast, Cheap, and Flexible Display Board

When I decided to display my work at Maker Faire Nova, I decided that I would need a set of three display boards to hang my finished projects from. I looked at several options:

  • The standard “science fair” folding cardboard display would be cheap, but not stable, and not sturdy enough to hold much weight.
  • A floor mounted wooden board would take time to make, take up a lot of room and be more cost than I wanted.
  • Foam core sandwich boards would take up too much space on the table, and be subject to knocking over.
  • The best solution I found online was a floor mounted PVC pipe frame supporting a foam core sheet. I reluctantly rejected it as it would require several weights or sandbags for stability, and would be hard to transport

Looking at that last solution I decided that I could mod it. The final design is light, easy to construct, fits in a car trunk and attaches stably to a range of surfaces. Moreover it is cheap.


1/2 inch PVC pipe. A standard 10 foot length cut into 2x 30.5 inch and 2x 20.5 inch sections.

2x 1/2 inch PVC elbows

2x 1/2 inch PVC tees

1x 20x30 corrugated plastic sheet

Plastic zip ties

2 Quick Grip clamps

Step 1: Prepare

Assemble your materials and cut the PVC pipe to the required lengths.

Step 2: Assemble the Frame

Assemble the frame as shown. Friction fit is fine, as you will want to be able to pull it apart when you are done.

Step 3: Prepare the Board

Punch holes in the corrugated plastic about 1 inch from the edge (a Phillips head screwdriver works well for this). Punch at the corners, halfway across the top and bottom, and two or three times on each side.

Step 4: Attach the Frame

Lay the board in the frame and loosely attach with loops of zip ties. Tighten the zip ties in pairs so that the board is held firmly but not under excessive strain.

Step 5: Final Setup

To mount the display, attach one clamp to the table, with the rod pointing up. Lower the open end of one of the tees over it, then insert the end of the other lamp in the remaining tee. Finally attach the clamp to the table.

The Plastic sheet is sturdy enough to support a decent amount of weight, and takes pegboard hooks very well. Using the clamps works on just about any kind of table, and makes for a very secure mount.